ADOPTED !! Joey 7 month old Heeler Mix

Joey has been in foster care since he was 13 days old. His mom and his litter mates were found in Colousa county where they were fostered to prepare for adoption. Joey is the last one left of his litter. Joey was the runt of his litter and only 13oz when he was found. he has the determination and will to live and with a little TLC from his amazing foster mom thats what he did! He grew into a very happy and loving puppy. He gets along great with other dogs and is good with kids (as long as they dont mind kisses!) Joey is crate trained, and is working on his house training. Right now Joey is 7 months old (Born in November 2017) and weights only 20lbs. We do not think he will get much bigger than 35lbs. He is a bit of a mutt, his mom was a lab/ pit bull mix, and we dont know what dad was, but based on his size, he was small!

If you are interested in adopting Joey please complete our application at:


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